These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Among the staples in my house are:

  • raw, local honey
  • hommus
  • salsa
  • Newman’s Own salad dressing (I like the caesar and sesame ginger)
  • neufchatel cheese (reduced fat cream cheese)
  • fresh ground peanut butter (The grocery store here offers it in the organic section— just flip the switch on the machine and it grinds plain roasted peanuts)
  • cinnamon
  • garlic powder
  • sea salt (Dollar Tree!)
  • Organic Girl salads (They come already washed 3 times and in a nifty box, easy to take along for lunch!)
  • mixed nuts (I love the Planters’ Heart Healthy mix— the organic bulk bins are awesome for low-sodium/low-sugar options)
  • tortillas
  • fresh fruit
  • fresh veggies 
  • Green Giant frozen veggie mixes (Sandwich bags or other containers are handy for storing half for later if you use the mix in a wrap or salad. Other brands are good too but these seem to be pretty reasonable usually and somewhat lower in sodium and the like.)
  • Village Harvest frozen ready-to-eat whole grains
  • potatoes (6 minutes in the microwave, doesn’t get much simpler!)
  • low-sodium canned beans, any sort
  • canned tuna; I like the “chunk” kind in water so it’s less mushy
  • rice cakes
  • greek yogurt 
  • granola (bulk bin)
  • dried fruits
  • trail mix (bulk bin again!)
  • canned soup (Usually the Light ones by Progresso have a more reasonable sodium content. Again tupperware type containers can be very handy.)
  • Silk Dark Chocolate Pure Almond milk

This is by no means a complete list of what enters my cupboards, fridge, and freezer, but it gives you an idea of some of the building blocks of my meals, snacks, and fixes for a sweet tooth!